andrianna shamaris

Art Direction, Photography, Design, Wordpress Development

andrianna shamaris

Andriana Shamaris contacted us to completely redesign her website. She already had hundreds of products, but we rebuilt her database using WooCommerce, so she could eventually sell her products online.

We visited her studio in NYC and took some product photos, going the extra mile (literally) to get going in the right direction. We had a mobile-first strategy. The first thing we did, however, was start with wireframes outlining her feature set, and made decisions with regard to CMS, etc.

We created a custom form that would automatically generate a price upon request, and also send an email to Andrianna telling her who requested the price. This allowed her to follow up via email and provide any further info.


Some of the selects from our photoshoot at Andrianna Shamaris' studio. A few of these were selected for the site and are still being used. One actually ended up in the New York Times.

final site

live site

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